Once I have seen the document to be translated, I shall be happy to provide you with an exact quote. Generally speaking, I charge between €0.12 and €0.14 per word of the source text plus 19% VAT. There is a minimum charge of €40 plus VAT. New non-commercial customers are asked to pay a 50% deposit before translation starts.

What factors influence the price?

The amount of work involved and hence the price per word depend on the following factors:

  • Subject matter and complexity
    The technical documentation for a fuel cell controller is likely to be more difficult and time-consuming than an after-dinner speech.
  • Style and quality
    Error-free and well-written texts can always be translated better and more easily than rough drafts. And in cost terms, bulleted lists and texts written in note form are generally more expensive than cohesive material in complete sentences (even if the continuous text contains more words in total).
  • Format
    Translating editable documents (MS Office, OpenOffice, HTML, etc.) is straightforward. Non-editable file types such as PDF, JPG or GIF require significantly more work and are correspondingly more expensive.
  • Delivery time
    A project with a generous deadline can usually be done at a lower price than a very urgent translation. A longer deadline enables me to plan my work efficiently and distribute the workload more evenly, and this is reflected in the price you pay.